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Dr Gordon Skinner
It is with great sadness that I have to announce that Dr Gordon Skinner, CEO of Vaccine Research International Plc, passed away from a stroke on 26 November 2013.
27th November 2013

Australian Patent
It is so nice to be able to report better news; the darkest hour is that before the dawn.
The Australian patent has been accepted and will proceed to grant; secondly we are delighted to have received to date nearly £5000 in donations and we are of course most grateful. This sum will in fact cover the costs of the Australian patent and at the very least this is now done and dusted and we can now hopefully attract sufficient funding to proceed to other territories and ensure the storage of the vaccine strain and the vaccine.
We will keep you abreast of any further developments
15th March 2013

December 2012 Management Accounts
We apologise for the delay in webposting the December management accounts which is due to the limited availability of our currently unsalaried staff.
The Directors are at present preparing a separate communication to shareholders which will be sent out in the near future.
We are grateful for the continued support from our shareholders during this period of financial constraint.
28th February 2013

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
We now have had confirmation of grant of our patent in Singapore and are awaiting decision by the European examiners.
27th November 2012

Our work with two local universities continues. Developmental work will shortly begin at one university in the area of biomarkers for vaccine manufacture; this has been organised through the European Regional Development Fund without cost to the Company. A second local university has completed a project on the surface antigens on the vaccine isolate which is crucial information for regulatory approval of the vaccine; a meeting has been convened to analyse these results and their future presentation to regulatory authority.
27th November 2012

June 2012 Management Accounts
We apologise for an unavoidable delay in preparation of the June 2012 Management Accounts; these will be posted as soon as they become available in August
26th July 2012

Share Offer 2011
The share offer to current shareholders which was carried out from May to July this year was completed on 21st July and raised £57,410 gross. The funds raised will be used for in-house research and collaborations with local universities for the R&D programme, together with ongoing administrative costs for example patent costs and maintenance of bacterial seedbank lodgement. Some funds will be allocated to pursuing partnership with pharmaceutical companies towards prosecution of a Phase III Clinical Trial, however further funding will be required to take this to completion.
1st November 2011

Shareholder Forum
A shareholders’ forum will shortly be available on the website to enable shareholders to communicate with each other by email. We hope this will be helpful in shareholder relations.
1st November 2011

Rights Issue
VRi is planning to hold a rights issue in May 2011 to allow current shareholders to make further investment into the Company following encouraging progress during 2010. A preliminary letter regarding this rights issue has been sent shareholders and a copy is available on the website in the ‘Reports’ section under the same password protection as quarterly reports. Please contact the VRi office if you need details of passwords.
29th March 2011

Non-Executive Directors
At the AGM held on 8th September 2010, Dr Jean Marc Saffar and Mr Gilead Raday were not re-elected to the Board. The Company has therefore interviewed candidates to fill these posts and is pleased to announce that Mr Kevin Murray has been appointed as a Non Executive Director. A further appointment will be made by the Board when a suitable candidate has been identified.
14th October 2010

Mr Richard Llewellyn has resigned from his posts as CEO and Director. Dr Gordon Skinner has been appointed acting CEO until a suitable replacement is found.
11th October 2010

Reports to shareholders
In accord with the need to both conserve resources and minimise environmental impact, the Board has decided to increase VRi’s reporting intervals from three to six months. In future, unaudited management accounts for the six months between December 31st and June 30th will be posted on the Company’s website only and a hard copy of audited annual accounts will be sent to shareholders as soon as possible after the year end of 31st December.
11th October 2009

Our current funding round is now completed, surpassing its target of £750,000 to reach £760,000 gross. This financing was carried out by Charles Street Securities Europe LLP., to whom we are very grateful. Scientific research has now re-started and we are working towards a larger fundraising to support further clinical trials.
30th September 2009

New Chief Executive appointed
We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Richard Llewellyn as our new Chief Executive. Richard has been our Director of Corporate Development since September 2007 and was appointed CEO (part time) in February 2009. He has successfully steered the Company through its recent funding round and we look forward to working with him as we move forward.
27th February 2009

New non-executive Director appointed
We are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Jean-Marc Saffar as a non-executive Director. Dr Saffar has been associated with the Company as a consultant for some years in the areas of marketing and fundraising.
25th February 2009

New non-executive Director appointed
We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Gilead Raday as a new non-executive Director. Gilead has previously acted as a consultant to the Company in the area of market research.
25th February 2009

Mr Russell Stevens, who is currently a non-executive Director has been appointed Chairman to succeed Mr John Palethorpe who has, with regret, resigned his posts due to pressure of other commitments. John had served as non-executive Director and Chairman since the inception of the Company in 2002; we are greatly indebted to him for his commitment to VRi over the years and we wish him success in his current ventures.
25th February 2009  

Non-executive Director
Dr Joginderpal (Jag) Singh Kundi PhD ACMA MBA has resigned from the Board due to pressure of other commitments. We thank him for his support since September 2007. 
25th February 2009